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This page updated January 15, 2004


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June 2004

Satya Marga


I sometimes receive mail (which means there ARE sometimes people reading me) gently chiding me for not having
updated since january. To tell you the truth, I so sometimes bite my fingers for having started this site. If at least no one
ever read it, and it were of no use, I might, with a weak relief, forget even its very existence. I actually feel a bit strange
telling this, but I suppose I have to admit I don't care enough for fame and glory that I might do it...

This being said, I suppose one ought to assume one's "errors", and if this site is one, well then, let's get down to it!
Therefore, I'm making this effort to update this page. Besides, it is my intention to reorganize everything rather soon,
but in the meantime, I can still signal some adjunctions.

I have posted in the documentation part two Mahayana sutras which I either translated into French, or recollected from
various fragments in order to allow the French speaking public to have access to them. Albeit relatively marginal for Zen
Buddhism, these sutras remain important, and are often quoted: it is therefore convenient to know something of them.
One is the Shurangama Sutra, quite controversial since some hold it for a Chinese apocryphal sutra. However, since all Mahayana sutras are Indian apocryphs, I con't see where's the problem. I also added the Lankavatara Sutra. Bodhidharma was supposed to
"seal" his transmission with this sutra. Although it was progressively rejected by later Zen masters, this sutra remains
extremely interesting, especially for its passage where it develops what was to become one of Zen's mottoes, "a special
transmission, outside of scriptures".

Those who infer from this line that it is useless (or nefarious) to study the canonical texts will be deluded.


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