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Some Southern Zen

Articles and links

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This page updated February 1, 2005

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Versione italiana

There are quite a number of English speaking Zen sites, and I didn't intend to add one more. Since it seems that the original page is now less easily available, and I now know people for whom this information might prove useful. I have therefore decided to make an English addendum to my site.

The papers which are either unavalaible or translated from French into English

The page "How to grow a Lotus" along with a translation of Eric Rommeluère's paper on pain and meditation.

"How to grow a Lotus" displays a series of exercises which may be profitably done by those who want to improve their sitting without inflicting damage to their knees. My assiduous practice of them has greatly helped my meditation practice by making my sitting more confortable, even though there is still some work to do.

Eric Rommeluère's paper on pain and meditation. talks about pain and meditation and why it should not be considered normal.

And a parody by "Ned Ludd" of the ancient parable of the blind men and the elephant.

Some links to papers which I have translated into French and (sometimes) into Italian

What distinguises Buddhism from Brahmanism and Sramanism: A very efficient summary of the most fundamental characteristics of Buddhism, by Vietnamese Bhikkhu Thich Nhat-Tu

The problem of Sex in Buddhism: what is the position of Buddhism towards sex, by Kusala Bhikshu.

Ten reasons for which Western Buddhism could fail.
Nothing must be taken for granted. Shall Buddhism only be a fleeting fashion?

Waking from the Meme Dream
Paper presented at: The Psychology of Awakening: International Conference on Buddhism, Science and Psychotherapy Dartington 7-10 November 1996
Wake up! Wake up!
Errrr, ummmm, grrrrggr, Oh yes, I'm awake now. Wow, that was a weird dream. I really thought I had to escape from the slurb, and it mattered terribly to get to the cupboard in time. How silly! Of course, now I see it wasn't real at all.

Buddhism and Money : The Repression of Emptiness Today, by David Loy
The Buddhist doctrine of no-self implies that our fundamental repression is not sex (as Freud thought), nor even death (as existential psychologists think), but the intuition that the ego-self does not exist, that our self consciousness is a mental construction

Rindô Fujimoto Rôshi the Way of Zazen.
One of the prevailing misconceptions about Zen (among young Japanese as well as Westerners) isthat Zen people discipline themselves to become a kind of supermen who are free to disregard the Buddhist precepts, as well as all convention and consideration for others.

Papers by M° Gudô Wafu Nishijima

Right and Wrong: a talk on Buddhist Morality, by Eido Michael Luetchford, a student of M° Gudo Nishijima

How to practice Zazen, a PDF booklet by Michael Luetchford, based upon the teachings of Master Nishijima, to download

My former papers

Buddhist song in the West... There are quite a number of songs which, wittingly or not, express profound buddhist ideas. Here are some. Though the presentation is in French, most are in English.

Of birds and men (and masters, too)

Zen on the radio


Illusion Fudoo Myoo, a buddhist deity.

What's the use?

Shiho (Dharma Transmission)
Dharma transmission (2)

Zen Master Beware of becoming a Guru or a Zen Master

Satya Marga

Can the carrot make the ass happy?

Pulling my head in my shoulders doesn't keep the rain from falling upon my skull... Sometimes, we tend to act foolishly, but automatically. We know we oughtn't, but do it just the same...


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